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Brand New Showreel!

The work in the following reel is created using Softimage, Terragen, Nuke and PFTrack.
Text in the bottom right shows what I created for each shot.
See PDF for further details.
Download PDF shot breakdown

Edited on 15th Oct – Now updated with work from The Bible Series and How To Build a Planet

Ashdown Forest gets a new look

Whenever there’s a break in work and I’m aching to do my own thing I work on a few ideas. One of these that’s taken a step in the direction of starting is to take a piece of footage I shot last year and alter loads of it. It’s a 9 second or so sweep across the Ashdown Forest, not too far from here. What I’m going for is a near-future post-war landscape with much destruction. One of the things to suffer will be a tractor, shown below. I’m a bit off finishing the model let alone the texturing, but it’s nice to let you lovely people see what I am actually doing when not working!

Click for a closer view.

[Edit] Modelling Done now! Will dink it a little then texture:

Coming Soon… Chris Ryan’s Strike Back

During the past 5 weeks or so I have been working on some VFX shots for Strike Back, soon appearing on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD. Trailers and teasers have appeared on TV and inevitably Youtube and pals. Myself, Sascha Fromeyer and Ashley Hampton, have been beavering away on all manner of things.
I’m looking forward to watching this. All of my contributions to this are in Episode 5, so I know what happens in that and the final episode and have no idea what happens at the start!

Strike Back is based on a novel by Chris Ryan, set in the Middle-East and filmed in South Africa. It’s a hostage situation and my God… it’s cool. Watch it.